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Sign Up Confirmation

When you have successfully signed up for a trip, you will receive an email confirmation. The trip lead will also send further information about your hike about 1 week before the trip date. If you have not received the emails, please first check your spam. If that search is not fruitful, please then send us an email at peaksandprofessors.ucla@gmail.com. 02


When spots on a trip fill up, you may sign up for the waitlist in the chance that a spot will open. If spots open up, we will send an email (generally 1 week prior to the trip date) to everyone on the waitlist for that particular trip letting them know that there are more spots available and when to sign up. Sign ups will once again be first come, first serve. Important to note is that there is no order to the waitlist: unfortunately being first to sign up for the waitlist does not give you any better chance of claiming any newly opened spots.


The following is the refund policy: For standard hikers: 7+ DAYS BEFORE: You will be issued a full refund – simply respond to the original confirmation email. 7-2 DAYS BEFORE: Your refund will be contingent on us finding someone from the waitlist to fill your spot. This may not be confirmed until the day of the trip, so if someone does take your spot, you will receive your refund the day the trip is completed. 2-0 DAYS BEFORE: No refund available. For Drivers: 7+ DAYS BEFORE: You will be issued a full refund – simply respond to the original confirmation email. 7-0 DAYS BEFORE: No refund available, unless you are able to help us secure an alternative driver. We rely on our student drivers to provide the opportunity for other students to be able to participate, so cancellations within a week of the trip make planning our trips extremely difficult. We recognize that schedules can shift unexpectedly, and completely understand when you need to cancel – if you’re able to help us find a replacement driver, we’ll happily issue you a refund.


We are pleased to announce that we are operational once again for fall quarter 2021! Our trips are added below on a rolling basis, so please be sure to keep checking for updates :) 

Please note that we reserve the right to 1) refuse the participation of any hiker at our discretion, 2) limit future sign-ups of a hiker if said individual fails to attend a trip they signed up for.

Past Trips.