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Meet The Team


We are a a pun-loving, ambitious, and down-to-earth group of student leaders from diverse backgrounds. Our team helps to continually shape and improve this innovative, rapidly-growing student organization.

Leads are presented with myriads of opportunities to develop important skills such as leadership, project management, public speaking, and facilitating interpersonal connections.



Sierra Hagen, she/her

Sierra is a fourth year environmental science major with minors in conservation biology and community engagement/social change. She loves reading, running, hanging out with her dog, binging new Netflix original shows, and pretty much any activity that will get her outside. She can also often be found selling donuts over at Primo’s, so don’t be afraid to pop in and say hi!

Director of Communications

Maya Raman, she/they

Maya is a fourth-year computer science major with a minor in environmental systems and society. In her free time, she enjoys giving herself shitty stick-and-poke tattoos, rock climbing at Wooden, and skipping class to read on Tongva.

Director of Programming

Gali Hoffman, she/her

Gali Hoffman is a 4th year transfer studying Political Science. Outside of Peaks and Professors (her fav club ever), she is involved in the undergraduate law journal, Latin American student org, and runs an amateur crochet account ( She also enjoys tide-pooling, updating her goodreads account, and anything purple :)

Vice President

Laurel Thomas, she/they

Laurel is a 4th year environmental science major with engineering and conservation biology concentrations. She's a huge plant fan -- catch her in the lab studying them, in the field doing habitat restoration, or just on the trail enjoying nature:)

Director of Technology

Alexander Swerdlow, he/him

Alexander is a fourth-year computer science and engineering major who is going to write a bio at some point but is deeply uncomfortable describing himself in the 3rd person.

Trip Leads.

Alyssa Yin, she/her

Alyssa is a fourth-year double majoring in Economics and Communications. Originally from Seattle, WA, she loves everything to do with the outdoors. In her free time, she enjoys reading, boxing, and watching films.

Chelsea Wan, she/her/hers

Chelsea is a second-year Cognitive Science major. In her free time, she enjoys going on long walks with friends, making pasta, hunting for new places to eat on Yelp, and binging Studio Ghibli movies.

Julia Steinhouse, she/her

Julia Steinhouse is a second year English major and a film and music industry minor. You can find her taking photos on her film camera, playing a pink guitar, or surfing between classes. She also enjoys listening to Jerry Garcia in the sculpture garden.

Lexi Fleck, she/her/hers

Lexi is a second-year environmental science major and a film and history minor. In her free time, she loves hanging out with random dogs on campus and around Westwood, swimming in different bodies of water, hiking, and finding hidden view spots around LA.

Rachel Kijima-Bustillos, she/her

Rachel is a second-year transfer studying Biology. Animals, art, nature, and dance bring her joy, but her favorite pastime is bringing people together with food. You find yourself invited to an “Infamous Rachel Cooking Night.” Fun fact: She completed a cross country road trip this Summer 2022!

Vivian Xu, she/hers

Vivian is a fourth-year neuroscience major with a minor in anthropology. In her free time, she likes nature photography, browsing indie bookstores and creating mini watercolor paintings.

Alexa Hernández Zepeda, she/her/they

Alexa is a 4th year Humane Biology student with a minor in disability studies. She is from Puerto Rico and loves any activity associated with the beach. She also likes to draw and cook.

Adam Kipust, he/him

Adam is a third year psychobiology major and disability studies minor. He is passionate about Emergency Medical Services and currently works as an EMT as well as completes policy research with the LA County EMS Agency. Adam is originally from Seattle where he volunteered with King County Search and Rescue and with the Snoqualmie Pass Volunteer Ski Patrol.

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