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2|25: Musch Trail w/ Ryan Lannan

Start: February 25, 2024 9AM 

End: February 25, 2024 2:30PM

Come with us on this fun, 4.6 mile hike on a loop trail in Topanga State Park! Considered a moderately challenging hike, there will be a total of just under 1000 ft of elevation gain. So, be prepared for some inclined sections and be sure to bring water, snacks, and appropriate shoes!

Joining us on this hike will be Professor Ryan Lannan! Dr. Lannan is a professor in the Chemistry and Biochemistry department, teaching a range of biochemistry classes each quarter including CHEM 153A and 153B. He earned his Bachelor’s degree from UT Austin and completed his phD thesis at UCLA, where he wrote his dissertation on the epigenetic impacts contributing to the cell-to-cell variability in gene expression and the intracellular calcium response. 

Trip Leads: Amara Ajon and Elena Gareau




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