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  • What is Peaks & Professors at UCLA?
    Founded in Fall 2017, Peaks and Professors at UCLA is dedicated to bringing students and professors together outside the classroom. Our mission is to facilitate these unique interactions by leading small groups of students (about 10-12) on hikes with instructors at UCLA. We seek to explore the great outdoors with the greatest professors!
  • How do I sign up for a trip?
    Our trips are always first come, first serve! On the day and time specified for trip sign ups, the link to sign up for a trip will appear under each specific trip page. From there, you can purchase a ‘ticket’ and make a payment through our website. If you can no longer attend the trip, refunds will be issued according to our refund policy found below. Once you’ve signed up for the trip, the Trip Lead will email you with further hike details.
  • What does it mean when a a ticket is 'Sold Out'?
    We have a set number of spots open for each trip. When the Standard and Driver spots are filled, there will be a Sold Out notice next to the ticket. You can always join the waitlist found on the sign up page.
  • How does the waitlist work?
    Unfortunately, our trips tend to fill up extremely fast and we are not able to accommodate everyone who signs up. But fear not, we have waitlists for every trip. The Trip Lead will contact you if there is an opening. Generally, we will email you only if a spot opens. If you want to know the exact number you are on the waitlist, you can always send us an email!
  • When are your next trips?
    Check the bottom of the trips page for more information. Trips may be added throughout the quarter. These will be announced on our social media platforms and our monthly newsletters.
  • Who leads these trips?
    Our wonderful trip lead team. They are knowledgeable about the trails and seek to facilitate student professor interaction.
  • Can I become a Trip Lead?
    Yes! We tend to recruit new Trip Leads Spring Quarter. Check the front page for details: if it is recruiting season, there will be an announcement there.
  • Can I suggest a Peak or Professor?
    Certainly: we are always looking for new suggestions. We have forms for suggestions for professors and peaks. If you have suggestions unrelated to either of these, feel free to send us an email.
  • How can I connect with Peaks & Professors?
    Email: Facebook and Instagram: @peaksandprofessors.ucla Our email is “”, and you can also use the “Contact” page. Our facebook and instagram is “peaksandprofessors.ucla”.
  • How do you determine the pricing of trips?
    Pricing is based upon the distance of the peak from UCLA. There is generally a standard price of $7-10 for hikers and $5 for Drivers. All of the funds from trips are directed towards gas, stickers, and any other equipment needed for our organization. Trip Leads do not profit monetarily (but they do profit by interacting with y’all)!
  • How do Drivers get refunded for hikes?/ How do you calculate the payment for gas?
    After the Trip Lead obtains your Venmo information, Drivers will receive payment for gas/parking/entrance fees 1-2 days after the hike. If you do not receive payment by then, do not hesitate to contact us. We appreciate you driving for us and helping make these trips possible!! We calculate a value for gas beforehand based on your trip’s round mileage, using average gas prices & 20 mpg. We understand that some people have cars with less mileage than that, which is totally fine. If you’d rather calculate your price, just fill up immediately before and after the trip, and we’ll reimburse you for the cost of the second receipt.
  • I can no longer make the trip! What is the refund policy for your trips?
    For standard hikers: 7+ DAYS BEFORE: You will be issued a full refund – simply respond to the original confirmation email. 7-2 DAYS BEFORE: Your refund will be contingent on us finding someone from the waitlist to fill your spot. This may not be confirmed until the day of the trip, so if someone does take your spot, you will receive your refund the day the trip is completed. 2-0 DAYS BEFORE: No refund available. For Drivers: 7+ DAYS BEFORE: You will be issued a full refund – simply respond to the original confirmation email. 7-0 DAYS BEFORE: No refund available, unless you are able to help us secure an alternative driver. We rely on our student drivers to provide the opportunity for other students to be able to participate, so cancellations within a week of the trip make planning our trips extremely difficult. We recognize that schedules can shift unexpectedly, and completely understand when you need to cancel – if you’re able to help us find a replacement driver, we’ll happily issue you a refund.

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