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2|23: Inspiration Point w/ Jennifer Silvers

Start: February 23rd, 2020 9:00 am

End: February 23rd, 2020 12:00 pm


Approaching exams giving you stress? Needing a break from studying? Get into the great outdoors with Jennifer Silvers, a professor specializing in Developmental and Social Psychology, as we take on Inspiration Point. This mild, 2.25-mile roundtrip hike with 325 feet of elevation gain gives great views of Santa Monica and Los Angeles. It offers a gradual hike to the top outlook and is located in Will Rogers State Park. Dr. Silvers will be bringing her husband and children with her on the hike.

Dr. Silvers runs the Social Affective Neuroscience & Development (SAND) Lab at UCLA, which focuses on how environments, relationships, and cognitions converge to influence emotional experiences at the level of the brain and behavior. Research areas include Effects of Early Adverse Social Experiences on Emotional Development, Development of Emotional Regulation, Social Influences on Emotion, and Emotional Regulation on Physical and Mental Health. She teaches Psychology courses at UCLA and is a returning professor to P&P.


Trip Lead: Zoe Curran

The second wave of sign-ups will occur on Sunday, February 9th at 6pm. Please check back here at that time for Standard and Driver sign-ups.



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