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03/09 Tai Chi Class with Professor King-Kok Cheung

Start: March 9, 2024 9:00 am

End: March 9, 2024 11:30 am

Join us at an introductory tai chi class with Professor King-Kok Cheung. We will be going to the Colorado Center in Santa Monica to participate in a tai chi class led by Master Yun Zhao. Tai chi is an internal Chinese martial arts that focuses on intentional movements and mindfulness. Take a break from end of quarter stress, get in touch with your body, and enjoy a relaxing morning learning a new way to move your body and have fun!

Professor King-Kok Cheung is a professor emeritus of English and Asian American Studies at UCLA. She is the author of “Articulate Silences” and “Chinese American Literature without Borders,” and she is a literary critic with a specialization in ethnic American literature. Born and raised in Hong Kong, she was the first woman of color in the humanities division and the first faculty member of Asian descent to join the English department at UCLA in 1984. She has received fellowships and awards including the Hoshide Distinguished Teaching Award in Asian American Studies and two Fulbright fellowships. She currently teaches the Fiat Lux seminar “Tai chi, Chi Gong, and Intersectional Environmentalism with tai chi sifu master Yun Zhao.

Trip Lead: Grace Gallego

The first wave of sign-ups will occur on Wednesday February 28th. Sign-up for both drivers and participants here.



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