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10/29: Backbone Trail and Rivas Canyon Loop w/ Professor Conley

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Start: Sunday, October 29, 2023, at 8:00 AM

End: Sunday, October 29, 2023, around 12:00 PM

Join us for a breathtaking 7-mile hike on the Backbone Trail and Rivas Canyon Loop in Will Rogers State Park. Enjoy lush vegetation, stunning views of Los Angeles and the ocean, and wildlife. This is a challenging (but rewarding!) hike with 1,620 feet of elevation gain and steep uphill patches. For this reason, we do not recommend this hike for those with some hiking experience, or ambitious hikers ready for a challenge.

Joining us will be Professor Conley, a returning hiker with Peaks and Professors. Professor Conley teaches in the Mathematics department and conducts research on number theory at UCLA. We are so lucky to have him join us on another hike! As an added bonus, Professor Conley's dog will be joining us as well.



Trip Leads: Grace Miller and Taylor Simonich

Sign-ups are available here until Monday, October 23rd.



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