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Think Outside.

Peaks & Professors at UCLA is a student organization that organizes hikes with students and professors, bringing students the opportunity to experience the outdoors in a whole new light by forming new connections with professors and their peers.

Our Trips.

Peaks & Professors at UCLA facilitates these unique interactions by leading small groups of students on hikes with instructors at UCLA. 

We believe that the beautiful essence of nature lies in its ability to elicit unique relationships and stimulate conversation. Our team emphasizes not only professor and student bonding, but student and student relationships. By spreading passion about nature and academics in an inclusive setting, we hope to cultivate an environment of authenticity and innovation.

How It Works

Get outside, take a study break, relax and unwind. 


Cultivate new meaningful relationships. Get to know like-minded peers and professors. 


Learn about a more sustainable tomorrow while developing an appreciation for the outdoors today. 

How it all started. 

Dana Tran (‘20) had seen social media posts pertaining to Peaks & Professors at USC through her friendship with USC Trip Lead Nadine Curtin (‘19). Dana mulled over the meaningful connections that would form and the insight these trips would deliver to students. Her love for nature and academics further fueled her interest.


This prompted the question of why there was not an organization of similar characteristics at UCLA. 

In a small classic triple dorm, Dana and three close friends, Jenny Sun (‘20), Amanda Sysamouth (‘20), and Lam Pham (‘20) all took to bringing this idea to fruition. Dana reached out to her friends at USC, Nadine Curtin and Peter Bergmann (‘18), and with their generous help, Peaks & Professors at UCLA began their ascent in Fall Quarter 2017. 

Dana Tran


"This organization encompasses two of my greatest passions: nature and academics. It's unparalleled in its ability to bring people together to have genuine conversation!"

Jenny Sun

"I love Peaks because it reminds me how worldly but still down-to-earth our professors are and because I get to bond with students from all over campus!"


Amanda S.


"Peaks & Professors has allowed me to make lasting connections with students and professors I may have never met before being a part of this club. The organization has expanded my knowledge and understanding of those around me, all while being extremely uplifting and challenging me mentally and physically!"


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