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Waterfall and Skull Rock Overlook Hike with Nicholas Difel!

Start: Sunday, Jan. 28th 9:00 am

End: Sunday, Jan. 28th 1:30 pm

We will be embarking on a beautiful 4.1-mile loop through Temescal Gateway Park. We’ll climb up 1100ft, shaded by the mountain, passing a waterfall along the way. Once at the top, you’ll enjoy panoramic views of the LA coastline. While this hike isn't too long, the elevation gain poses a nice challenge for those interested in the outdoors and rewards participants with stunning views on the way down. 

Joining us on this hike is Nicholas Difel. Difel, as he likes to be called, is a chemistry professor teaching introductory and organic chem. He specializes in crystallography. In addition to a thorough background in teaching, Difel has worn many hats throughout his life. From living in China to wine tasting, he has many stories to share through his bright and approachable personality. During a 20A

8-am lecture, never once did he fail to make the half-awake class burst into laughter. 

The trip leads for this hike are Payton Pelaez and Jacqueline Wheeler. Payton is a first-year civil engineering major with a love for baking, skiing, and dogs. Jacque is a 4th year environmental science major from San Diego. She loves sea turtles, surfing, and yoga.

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