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6/4: Skull Rock via Temescal Canyon Trail w/ Rana Khankan

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Start: June 4, 2023, 8 AM

End: June 4, 2023, around 1 PM


Join us for this stunning 6.6-mile hike through the greenery of Temescal Canyon to Skull Rock. We will be taking the Leacock Memorial Trail, then connecting to the Temescal Canyon Loop, which has many great viewpoints. The hike itself consists of a gentle elevation gain of a total of 1414 feet. Though there isn’t much shade, the hike winds through the mountains, offering scenic views. Many plants and wildflowers decorate the trail as well!

Joining us on the hike will be Professor Khankan, a returning professor who has hiked with Peaks and Professors before! Professor Khankan has worked as a professor of Life Sciences for the past 7 years, teaching the LS7A and LS7C curricula. Before this, she conducted graduate student research at UCLA on OEC-mediated axon regeneration to aid spinal cord injury. Don’t miss out on getting to hike and chat with Professor Khankan!



Trip Lead: Grace Miller

Co-Lead: Natalya Cummings

Sign-ups are available here until Saturday, May 27th.



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