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2|3: Hollywood Reservoir to Hollywood Sign w/ Michael Lens

Start: Saturday, Feb. 3rd 8:30 am

End: Saturday, Feb. 3rd 2:00 pm

We will be hiking a beautiful 6.6-mile out-and-back to the Hollywood sign. We’ll climb up 550ft, pass the Hollywood reservoir, and finish just below the Hollywood sign. At the top, there will be vast views of the LA skyline, a perfect location for pictures. This hike is on the longer side, yet it will not be too challenging! 

Michael Lens will be joining us on this hike. Lens is an Associate Professor of Urban Planning and Public Policy. His research focuses on how public policy can be used to mend inequities in the housing market that adversely affect low-income families and communities of color. Further, he is an Associate Faculty Director of the Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies and his research has been featured in numerous leading academic journals.

The trip leads for this hike are Vera Bueler-Faudree and Maddie Cunningham. Vera is a second-year Statistics and Data Science major from Fairbanks, Alaska. Maddie Cunningham is a second year from Belmont, California majoring in environmental science and minoring in French.

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